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 Kangaroo Quest Books

A Journey Inspiring More Questions than Answers?

Travelling the lonely outback highway on a beloved motorbike at dusk, peaceful enjoyment suddenly flipped into stark impending disaster... What happened next changed her view forever of what is real, and what is possible. And it may change yours as well.

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Is Your Mind Already Made Up?

Searching for a credible explanation to fit an incredible journey, Kangaroo Quest doesn't set out to convert you. Rather, it just reveals the events - and then poses the questions - for which science and spirituality have a surprisingly synchronus set of possible outcomes and explanations. 

Award-winning author Melissa Abraham shares the personal, almost unbelievably true details of a life progressively more touched by moments too bizarre to comfortably disclose in public. But as the frequency and intensity of these events increased, so did the inevitable conclusion that they must be spoken out loud.

Thoughtful student of No B.S. Spirituality psychic education courses
Happy student of No B.S. Spirituality psychic education courses

Kangaroo Quest ~ Melissa Abraham

Sparkling Sand

Look Beyond Your Horizon

Sparkling Sand


A Jump in the Journey of Entanglement

THE personal Story

By turns heartbreaking, bewlidering, brave and laugh-out-loud funny, this is her story... And you may recognise your story here too

1 Kangaroo

2 The Journey Begins

3 Ships at Sea

4 Railway Tracks are Parallel

5 Call of the Open Road

6 Foreign Shores

7 Beware Still Waters

8 Marooned

9 Water Flows Around Rocks

Kangaroo Quest Book 1 ~ A Jump in the Journey of Entanglement (The Personal Story)

10 Let the Music Play On

11 The Way of Things

12 Sound & Light

13 Many Worlds to Explore

14 Cruising the Highway

15 Crossing the Bar

16 Deep Blue Ocean Wave

17 Coming Home

18 And...

Sparkling Sand


A Quantum Leap of Spirituality & Science


Standing on the shoulders of giants to look at human spirituality and science, this is our story... And the view may change your outlook forever 

1 Atomic History

2 Belief in Science

3 Physical Realities

4 The Shoulders of Giants

5 Quantum Leap

6 A Modern Stone Age

7 One True God

8 Evolution

9 Ancient Truths

Kangaroo Quest Book 2 ~ A Quantum Leap of Spirituality & Science

10 One Tribe

11 Truly Spiritual

12 Psychic Insight

13 Life and Death

14 Life and Life

15 Survival of the Fittest

16 Society Synchronised

17 One Little Raindrop

18 Kangaroo

Sparkling Sand


Finding Love
Far From Home


Beyond the logical, physical reality of our five senses exist extraordinary dimensions of a deeper nature... And we are all connected far more than we think

1 Three Worlds Outside

2 Three Worlds Inside

3 Leptos Cosmos

4 Twelve Zones

5 Leptos Soma

6 Key Change

Kangaroo Quest Book 3 ~ Finding Love Far From Home

7 Cosmic Water Cycle

8 Riding the Wave

9 A Drop in the Ocean

10 Kangaroo

11 Kangaroo Quest

12 Clear 20:20 Vision

Sparkling Sand

Look Beyond Your Horizon

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