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Readings & Healings

Welcome to you! Scroll down to read more about Mediumship Readings, Energy Healings, and Spiritual Mentorship.

Psychic Mediumship Readings

The subtle world that exists - beyond what our physical senses tell us - is a fascinating topic that has captivated the minds of many. Psychic senses allow us to tap into the many levels of awareness that exist beyond our physical reality. Exploring these realms can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world us.


If you feel curious, or excited, or even skeptical, we welcome you to book a private reading with our highly professional and experienced mediums. A psychic reading connects with the energy around you, and a mediumship reading helps you connect with your loved ones who have passed on.


Psychic readings focus on blending with your current physical reality. Your reading will be guided by your soul and inner self, to access the insight and deep wisdom we all possess.


The beautiful art of mediumship is a profound gift that can have a very positive impact on how we view life and the reality of the world around us. Through our psychic senses, we can access the spirit world and gain insight and guidance from those who have crossed over. The effect of these readings can bring powerful, wonderful, life changing consequences.


Book a 45 minute reading for $120 and let us help you connect with your soul, your loved ones, and gain a deeper understanding of your own spiritual journey.

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Metaphysical Energy Healings

Metaphysical energy healing is a powerful tool for achieving personal holistic wellness. By working with subtle energy fields that exist deep beyond regular physical reality, the interconnected nature of our whole self is enabled and encouraged to heal.

The treatment is non-invasive, pleasant, increasingly accepted in many public hospitals, and acknowledged as proven to be of either some benefit through to great benefit to most people. Energy healing can ease symptoms, bring profound shifts in physical and mental health, and even contribute towards remarkable improvements for which conventional science has no explanations.

Energy healing can occur in a remarkably short period of time, and bring results much quicker than expected. Our sessions are 45 minutes at a cost of $120 and do not require lots of repeated vists. Just one may be enough. Or you may choose to have follow up healing sessions at intervals that feel right for you and your needs at this time.


Because the source of this style of healing is not physical or mental, healing at an energetic level compliments other styles and therapies you may also be engaged in. In fact, energy healing may be the "missing link" to bring all the aspects of your healing together. 

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Combined Reading & Healing

Feeling curious and motivated to come and see us, but not sure if it's a reading or a healing you need? Book a 90 minute session for $200 (that's15% off) and we can explore both styles of spiritual connection.

Your soul is here to experience this physical life for many reasons. Sometimes our thinking brains (as wonderful as they are!) can lead us down paths that can end up feeling confusing, uncertain, or just not where and how we want to be.


We humans often need stress to challenge us, otherwise we might ignorantly just cruise along and learn very little while we are here. But our human souls are also on a mission. When our physical life and our spiritual life don't match up, we can feel a subtle but deep longing to find our true path again.

All mediumship is healing. Whether we are seeking guidance on our physical lives, or feeling forced to attend to the health of our physical body, or simply want to devote time to honouring our soul's purpose, a combined reading and healing session can help. 

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Spiritual Awakening Mentorship

The journey of spiritual awakening is sometimes not an easy one. For even the most enlightened soul, living in this physical body on this physical planet is not all rainbows and unicorns and peaceful gratitude... Awakening in this lifetime to a greater awareness of your soul's purpose can be the greatest challenge you may ever face.

If you're seeking personal growth and self-discovery, or if you're feeling confused or challenged by unexplained symptoms or excess energy, it can be very helpful to find a community of like-minded individuals who can support you. We are all evolving.


It can help enormously to connect with others have have been where you are, and who personally understand the challenges you may be experiencing. 

It is vital to learn the reality of awakening. Discover information and ways of understanding and connecting to what is happening in your mind, body and soul. For many people, there is a large element of exploring your shadow self and healing past traumas, whether ancestrally inherited or based in this lifetime. There may be physical symptoms, confusing experiences, conflicting information, and general uncertainty about what may be blocking you or holding you back. 


This Spiritual Awakening Mentorship service is not for everyone. If you need it, you'll know! But please feel free to phone and have a chat if you are unsure. This service is offered at a very low cost, so that everyone who needs it, can access it. Four hours per month at just $30 per hour for unlimited support by phone, text or in person. You are not alone :-) Xx 

As they say, you are not the first, and you won't be the last... Hang in there, beautiful soul.


You WILL BE OK. Just keep going. Breathe. Relax. The higher purpose, behind the challenges, will make itself know when the time is right. Be gentle with yourself and prioritise self-care as you navigate this exciting, brutal and profound process towards peaceful wholeness of the awakened you.

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"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper"

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Look Beyond Your Horizon

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