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45 mins Personal Energy Healing

Relax, Release, Repair, Refresh Your Whole Self

  • 45 min
  • 120 Australian dollars
  • Spirit Australia

Service Description

Metaphysical energy healing is a powerful tool for achieving personal holistic wellness. By working with subtle energy fields that exist deep beyond regular physical reality, the interconnected nature of our whole self is enabled and encouraged to heal. Welcome to the wonderful world of energy healing! ​The treatment is non-invasive, pleasant, increasingly accepted in many public hospitals, and acknowledged as proven to be of either some benefit through to great benefit to most people. Spiritual healing can ease symptoms, bring profound shifts in physical and mental health, and even contribute towards remarkable improvements for which conventional science has no explanations. Energy healing can occur in a remarkably short period of time, and bring results much quicker than expected. Our sessions are 45 minutes and do not require lots of repeated vists. Just one may be enough, or you may choose to have follow up healing sessions at intervals that feel right for you and your needs at this time. Because the source of this style of healing is not physical or mental, healing at an energetic level compliments other styles and therapies you may also be engaged in. In fact, energy healing may be the "missing link" to bring all the aspects of your healing together.

Look Beyond Your Horizon

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