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No B.S. Spirituality courses with Kangaroo Quest
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Kangaroo Quest

No B.S. Spirituality Education

What Is It?

No Belief Systems...

No Bogus Scams..

No Boring Stuff.

Where Is It?

In Person @ Northern Sydney

plus other places by request

When Is It?

*One Full Day Workshop or *Two Days Residential Retreat or *Three Weekly 2 Hour Classes

Who Is It?

Beginners to all levels! Come join Melissa Abraham with Kangaroo Quest & Spirit Australia 

When Is It?

Managing the ever increasing number of people who are interested in Kangaroo Quest spiritual education and experiences has become a priority!

The first three Kangaroo Quest courses have now been reorganised into one intensive six hour learning experience.


This brand new "No B.S. Spirituality" course will be presented in three ways for 2024 - 

1) ONE FULL DAY WORKSHOP for 8 hours intensive education, with breaks and lunch, of course! Along with all the facts, fun and friendship, you will also receive generous physical gifts to take home with you. Hooray! These flagship full day learning experiences are currently being offered for one Friday, one Saturday, and one Sunday each month.

2) TWO DAYS RESIDENTIAL RETREAT with lots of extras to experience! Starting at 9:30am and finishing at 3:00pm the following day, this residential retreat is not to be missed. All of the No B.S. Spirituality workshop is included, plus so much more. On the evening we are together, we will have a visit from one of Australia's most highly respected and experienced evidential mediums. It's a wonderful opportunity to ask questions, and see an elder of the spiritualist community in full flow as they work to bring the connection from the world of spirit even closer. A mini-lecture, including question time, will be followed by a demonstration of mediumship. Currently scheduled for the first weekend of every month

3) THREE WEEKLY 2 HOUR CLASSES held either during the day 9:30am to 11:30am, or during the evening from 7pm to 9pm. Running the workshop over three weeks allows plenty of time for integration of your new experiences, and to have any questions answered when you come along next time. Currently scheduled for the first three Monday mornings, and Tuesday evenings, of each month.

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Where Is It?

Kangaroo Quest is offering scheduled workshops several times every month at Mona Vale, on the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney. The location in Waratah Street is a very short and easy walk from the B-Line Buses that run every few minutes from Sydney city.

Parking is free in the surrounding streets (although there are two schools very close by, so beware the morning rush, but it will clear very quickly!). There are plenty of shops around if you choose not to join us for lunch, or would like to stretch your legs with a gentle walk or to browse the cafes for your favourite barista coffee. 

The two day residential retreat is in the same area, just 10 minutes up the hill in the Northern Beaches hinterland adjoining the glorious and National Heritage listed Ku-ring-gai National Park

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Who Is It?

Well, how about we start with YOU!


Whether you're a seasoned explorer, or complete beginner, this course is for you. It's amazing how every person finds the level of learning and awareness that's right for them. Perhaps let your inner knowing, your soul, be your guide? Or perhaps that is too soon to mention, if you're a hardened skeptic and you've not yet done the course!


The group dynamic is another wonderful aspect to highlight. It's not all about the course content, or the presenter. It's all about YOU, together with your workshop fellow travellers, and further combined with the mystical synchronicity of "right place at the right time". 


You are most welcome and encouraged to join us, in whatever course delivery style best suits you. With a new format this year, this new Kangaroo Quest course has an intensive six hours plus of educational experiences that span many personal learning styles and abilities. So come for the One Day intensive workshop, or the Two Days residential retreat, or two hours each time for the Three Weekly classes. 


Melissa Abraham is personally delivering all of the No B.S. Spirituality courses in 2024, so it's a lovely opportunity to speak to the author of the Kangaroo Quest trilogy in person. You can read more about Melissa on the About Us page on this website, and of course in the Kangaroo Quest books.

We are very excited to have a schedule of guest mediums, healers and elders from the world of Spiritualism throughout the year. Check out the Events page to see who is coming along to Mona Vale, and other venues throughout Sydney, in the coming months.

You can also check out for the sparkling new and long-overdue National Spiritual Organisation established in late 2023. A recognised charity, SPIRIT AUSTRALIA is non-commercial and non-religious, and offers education, practitioners and community for all Australians and beyond. Highly recommended!

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How Much Is It?

No B.S. Spirituality is so much more than a regular course or workshop offering. Particularly in the world of spiritual learning, where so many other courses can fall short. They might offer a bit of chat & personal opinions, then perhaps include some vague examples, or maybe some sound healing or a bit of meditation... Each person attending is often just left to their own devices to simply get "whatever they get" from the loosely structured student experience.


The tuition fee for the 8 hour One Day Workshop is $250 for 9:00am to 5:00pm. This includes an intensive six hours of very high quality learning, plus morning and afternoon tea, an hour for lunch, and some physical gifts to take home as well as all the experiences! It's a very big day, and not for the faint-hearted, but definitely worth it if you've got the stamina and good humour to last for the entire eight hours. Be brave, and go for it!


The new Three Weekly Two Hour Classes are also $250 for all three sessions. These classes are an intensive experience for the full two hours (we usually finish on time but have people wanting to chat afterwards!) and while the sessions do not include any refreshments, they do include the physical gifts, the same as for the 8 hour one day workshop. A very civilised and easy to organise time-out, personal interest, worthwhile learning activity... And one that you will remember for years afterwards!

The Two Days Residential Retreat is something very special. The tuition cost is the same ($250) and then add on all meals and breaks, plus one night accomodation, plus the visit & demonstration from the highly experienced evidential medium. So the final cost is $550 per person, from 9:30am on day one until 3:00pm on day two. If you live locally, there is a non-accomodation option for $400. However please be aware that day one is 9:30am to 9:30pm, and class starts the following day after breakfast at 9:15am sharp. Why not jump in, come and join us for 36 hours, and get fully immersed in the wonderful world that awaits you!

No B.S. Spirituality also comes with a 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee, should you feel your time has been wasted. Insert smiley face here haha... We know you won't be disappointed!

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What Is It?

Here's a brief outline of the intensive (minimum!) six hours No B.S. Spirituality course:

1 Welcome

2 Look Inside

3 Science & Spirituality

4 Meditation

5 Psychic Senses

6 Connectedness

7 Leptos Soma

8 Self Soul Spirit

9 Experience Evidence

Hello, Hi, Hey & G'day! Why Learn about Spirituality? What is the Kangaroo Quest? Putting It in Perspective. What's In It For Me?

What is On the Inside? Cognitive Triangle & Psychology. Three Worlds. Five Worlds. Mind Body Spirit. What are Emotions?

Evidence or Opinion? Quantum Physics. The Universe. Near Death Experiences. My Truth or The Truth? The friction of fact & fiction.

What is it? Why should I do it? Why can't I do it? How are you supposed to do it? So many questions... I think it's too hard!

Is it Real? Can you spot a fake? Clairvoyants, Psychics, Mediums, Readings, Healings, Imagination, Intuition... Am I Psychic? 

Worlds within Worlds. Ancient cultures and Modern truths. One planet for One tribe? Finding facts from fantasy and reality. 

Chakras, Auras, Delusions & Awakenings! The subtle world of energy (whatever that is!) and is it an actual thing anyway?

Putting it all together. What are we doing here? The Meaning of Life (yes, we will share this) so smile, strap in, and hang on!

So, am I psychic? Let's find out! Practical experiences, exercises and evidence for your personal learning. Let the Journey Continue!

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"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper"

Happy bright joyful sunshine psychic connection

Look Beyond Your Horizon

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