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Free Talks? Yes!

Bright happy psychic spirit connection

Discover Wonder, Joy & Peace

Look Beyond Your Horizon


No Belief Systems.

No Bogus Scams.

No Boring Stuff.

Fun-filled feast of fascinating facts, exciting experiences & memorable moments!

"Ok, Talk to Me..."

Embark on a transformative journey with Melissa Abraham & Kangaroo Quest to discover ~


No B.S. Spirituality 

No Belief Systems...

No Bogus Scams..

No Boring Stuff. 


This unique blend of ancient wisdom & modern insights offers a sensible, realistic, enjoyable and profoundly refreshing perspective on spiritual growth and self-realisation. 


Through a carefully curated selection from the worlds of philosophy, science and mysticism, you are invited to experience a deep sense of peaceful connection, healing, and personal happiness.


The approach is designed to awaken your inner self, helping you to embrace life with clarity, purpose, and (of course) love & joy.

Remember to have a bit of fun, too.


Life is too short to do otherwise!

Happy Family
Newcastle Australia


Is this free talk just a sales pitch for the courses?

No, defintely not! There is a beautiful message of connection, love, freedom and fun at the heart of Kangaroo Quest that Melissa is here to share as widely as possible. With or without financial payment. That's not the point.


The JOY of being ALIVE is the point. These free talks are a great way to spread happiness, at whatever level each person is comfortable. The ongoing No B.S. Spirituality paid course is only for people who want to discover more deeply.


Every guest speaker presentation is designed to meet the interests, number of people & unique requirements for your group.


The free talks are totally non-religious, not trying to convert anyone to anything, and just generally old-fashioned, good-hearted fun. Relax! Smile!


Want more fascinating factual science? Want more spooky psychic fun? Want more peaceful relaxing meditation? You can have whatever best suits you and your group.


So what's in Melissa's presentation?

Once you make contact, we can discuss the length and content that will best suit your group. Anything from 30 minutes to 60+ minutes is possible, with or without Q&A time included.

Topics can be developed to suit you. For example:

* Science & Spirit

* No B.S. Meditation

* Am I Psychic?

* Life After Life

* Connectedness

Don't worry! We can have a good chat and together figure out what subject matter will delight and inspire your group best. 

Every free talk includes lots of fun, plus informative multimedia videos, songs, slides, examples & experiences to enhance the enjoyment for everyone present.

Melissa has three Kangaroo Quest books published. If your group is agreeable, then Melissa is available to sign and sell these books at a discount on the day. But if not, then no worries. As a wise person once said, it's not about the money!


Does Melissa present well?

Born in 1969, Melissa is now 55 years old. A nice age, don't you think? A combination of enough experience to perhaps inspire an audience, plus enough energy to perhaps actually present well too.

A life-long "creative", Melissa is a writer, musician, artist, and (an enthusiastic but sadly unskilled) dancer... But don't let that fool you! She also has a deeply practical and logical nature, and enjoys building things from wood, tiling kitchens and bathrooms, repairing motorbikes and researching innovations in science, psychology & technology.


Trained at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Melissa gradutated with a B.Mus.Ed degree and has performed, conducted & taught in High Schools, Primary Schools, at NIDA, and with community groups for more than three decades.


Melissa Abraham has been awarded at National level (NSW Winner & Australian Finalist) for excellence in music teaching, and awarded at International level for Best Non-Fiction Worldwide "When We Remember: Inspiration & Integrity for  a Meangingful Funeral" at the London Book Festival 2007.

So, does Melissa present well? Yes (usually!) But is she a nice person? Warm, engaging, sincere, funny, brave, loving, a little bit unique...


Pick up the phone, send a text or email, and find out for yourself Xx 

Bright happy psychic spirit connection

Journey Onwards

At Kangaroo Quest, the journey is one of personal growth, self discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Sounds great, don't you think? Lovely!


The mission is to provide an inclusive, safe and nurturing space for individuals to explore their spiritual path and connect with their inner wisdom.


Kangaroo Quest
& No B.S. Spirituality

Look Beyond Your Horizon

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