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Are You Psychic?

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Kangaroo Quest psychic spiritual development education courses

Hello, Hi, Hey & G'day!

Are you ready to jump more deeply into your spiritual journey?


Our courses, workshops, books, psychic mediumship readings and spiritual healings are designed to help you look beyond your horizon, expand and grow. Journey inward where a world of wonder awaits.

Embrace a no B.S. approach to spirituality. Discover the relief, the joy, of recognising your deeper self and your connection to everything seen and unseen. Welcome the feeling of coming home to your true purpose.

Welcome to Kangaroo Quest!

Kangaroos come in different shapes and sizes. They can make large leaps, naturally, without great fuss or effort. Just being themselves. Kangaroos are happy to travel alone but usually prefer the company of a mob. And, importantly, Kangaroos can only travel forwards.

Dark Abstract

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper"

W.B. Yates 1865 - 1939

Kangaroo Quest

Kangaroo Quest jumping into spiritual psychic education courses
Kangaroo Quest book on a sandy beach next to a sunhat
Excited men and women learning and discussing workshop
Peaceful older woman meditating

The KQ Books

Three books, each written at different levels of awareness. Where are you at right now?

Courses & Workshops

Joyfully connect with yourself & our community of spiritual explorers. Will you join us?

Mediumship & Healing

Want some help? Embark on a personal spiritual journey with our experienced guides.

Spirit Education 

Discover No BS Spirit Education with Kangaroo Quest inspiration, meditation, mediumship, trance & psychic workshops, classes and spiritual experiences... 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Mother Earth is a Spiritual World
Spirit Sunshine Smiling Joyful Bright Psychic
Australian country road at dusk no traffic


Come join us at the No B.S. Spirituality courses. Choose the style of experience that's best for you:

*One Full Day Workshop

*Two Days Residential Retreat

*Three Weekly 2 Hour Classes

From Kangaroo Questers

Smiling woman connecting to spirit love
"I've started exploring spirituality, but this was a real surprise! Without much expectation I joined the workshop and now everything has changed... Wow! A thousand times thank you! Xxx"

Megan, Registered Nurse

Jump In & Connect

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Ph: 0429 400 100

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Look Beyond Your Horizon

Discover Your Spiritual Self

Look Beyond Your Horizon

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