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“A really well structured course and Melissa is such a great teacher. I learned so much about myself, and my abilities. I'm still amazed. And happy!”

Lauren Hazell, Roseville

Kangaroo Quest

Spiritual Services at Mona Vale on the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney Australia, and beyond... 


Established by Melissa Abraham in 2020, you are most welcome to explore all the opportunities on offer.

For too long, the world of psychic senses, spiritual energy and general "spookiness" has been shrouded in mystery. Some people have partially discovered their unique gifts, called themselves "gurus" and taken advantage of other people. It's not kind. It's not helpful. And it's not necessary.

We are all special (just not MORE special) and we ALL have abilities beyond our wildest dreams. The world that we seek is already here. We just need to expand our awareness, and prepare to be amazed at what has always existed, hidden in plain sight.


Look beyond your horizon and experience the Kangaroo Quest difference.


Discover Courses, Readings, Healings, Mentorship and more...

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No B.S. Education

Choose the format that best suits you. Click the button to read more about what you'll learn, or scroll down to the calendar and book now.


One Full Day or Two Day Retreat or Three Mornings


Readings & Healings

Discover information about readings & healings, or scroll down to see available times and book the personal service that's right for you.


Psychic Mediumship & Spiritual Healings


Spiritual Mentorship

Personal mentorship for people with complex or challenging experiences. Monthly meetings plus weekly phone guidance.


Spiritual Awakening & Complex Mentorship

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Open Circle

Have you competed the No B.S. Spirituality course and want more? Join our weekly psychic development classes in person at Mona Vale! 


Tuesday Evenings for Fun Friendship & Development


Closed Circle

Are you looking for a local development circle to deeply explore and nurture your unique gifts? Contact Melissa to get started!


For Advanced Explorers of the Beautiful Psychic Arts


Request a Talk

Melissa is passionate about making the world of spirit more joyful, logical and accessible to everyone. Spirituality is not a mystery!


Welcome the Reality of Spirit & Self Awakening

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1 Full Day Workshop Dates:

JUNE Sat 15th / JUNE Fri 28th

JULY Fri 19th / JULY Sat 27th

AUG Sun 25th / AUG Fri 30th

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2 Day Residential Dates:

Scroll down for Two Day Retreats each month

3 x 3 Weekly Class Dates:

Scroll down for Weekly Classes each month

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"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper"

W.B. Yates 1865 - 1939

Look Beyond Your Horizon

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